Opel New Zealand behind the scenes

We filmed a behind the scenes video for the Opel New Zealand launch event in Ponsonby, Auckland.

Syzmik Streetworx Promotion

The Syzmik clothing line is a robust line of workwear that can also be worn casually. We created a promotion that shows a skateboarder using his tools, and also skateboarding in his outfit.

Opel Mokka B-roll

We created a series of B-roll clips advertising the arrival of Opel back to the New Zealand market.

Buccaline TV Advert

Buccaline was re-invented for the New Zealand audience, with a new character design and animation, Ideology came up with marketing concept, character design and completed the full animation. This included full national marketing material throughout New Zealand Pharmacy

Levrix TV Advert

30 second television advert for Levrix. Big hay fever problems are solved with Levrix.

Lazu Keto Quickstart 21 day challenge promotion

Promotional video to introduce Lazu's 21 dayQuickkstart Challenge to New Zealand, offering the key supplements to encourage the body to get in to s state of Ketosis.

Urox TVC

The Urox supplement helps with bladder control, helping people to enjoy their lives and not have to worry about issues related to poor bladder control.